Market Cap $985.68B
Volume 24h $54.86B
BTC Dominance 38.08
Name 24h Change Price Price in BTC Market Cap volume 24h
-2.25% 19630.91$376,685,000,000$25,868,300,000
-1.97% 1339.550.0682239$161,907,000,000$9,212,760,000
-0.06% 1.0010.00005098$68,320,800,000$31,611,700,000
-3.74% 283.520.0144396$46,301,300,000$960,544,000
-0.14% 10.00005095$46,143,400,000$3,661,400,000
-1.37% 0.4903810.00002498$24,442,500,000$1,708,910,000
-0.14% 0.9998650.00005092$21,516,000,000$5,905,210,000
-1.2% 0.4253660.00002166$14,373,200,000$364,354,000
-2.77% 33.040.00168269$11,744,200,000$703,063,000
0% 0.1290880.00001166$11,617,900,000$363
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