Market Cap $1,189.11B
Volume 24h $34.91B
BTC Dominance 44.14
Name 24h Change Price Price in BTC Market Cap volume 24h
0.38% 270191$523,816,000,000$15,292,200,000
1.42% 1888.460.0699143$227,005,000,000$6,992,740,000
-0.01% 10.00003703$83,263,300,000$19,302,100,000
0.49% 306.140.0113358$48,331,200,000$540,604,000
0.02% 10.00003703$28,943,800,000$3,746,000,000
2.78% 0.5187780.00001921$26,966,000,000$1,096,220,000
1.52% 1887.090.0698686$13,250,200,000$17,335,000
2.93% 0.3755150.0000139$13,154,900,000$233,068,000
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