Market Cap $1,716.39B
Volume 24h $72.51B
BTC Dominance 50.1
Name 24h Change Price Price in BTC Market Cap volume 24h
0.09% 267401$522,240,000,000$14,354,900,000
0.8% 1543.620.0577178$185,774,000,000$6,210,680,000
0.02% 0.9994290.00003737$83,495,000,000$18,830,000,000
0.26% 205.570.00768655$31,641,500,000$274,462,000
0.4% 0.4829810.00001806$25,825,700,000$581,580,000
-0.04% 0.9995490.00003737$25,106,900,000$4,060,010,000
0.81% 1543.440.0576953$13,616,700,000$4,485,800
0% 0.1290880.00001166$11,617,900,000$363
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