Margin Trading, Copy Trading, Competitions: What Else Does Hyrotrade Offer?

Press Release / 19.12.2022

For almost half of a decade in the cryptocurrency market and surviving two crypto winters, has transformed into a worthy opponent among crypto brokers. Over this timeframe, it also introduced itself as one of the most secure and up-to-date platforms.

In addition to the highly popular demand, Hyrotrade also has introduced crypto copy trading as one of its features, launched weekly competitions, and much more. What else does Hyrotrade have to offer at this point in its lifecycle?

A Major Player In The cryptocurrency trading space

Looking back, the conditions that Hyrotrade launched under were some of the most extreme. The crypto trading platform came out ready during the 2020 bear market. While most other crypto exchanges struggled to keep themselves alive, Hyrotrade picked up new users at an increasing pace as users looked to recuperate from losses by shorting crypto or were simply looking for a way to profit during a bearish market.

Kraken, Coinbase, Binance, you name it at the time, they all focused on spot trading exclusively. When the market turned, spot buyers could only hold or sell. Meanwhile, Hyrotrade traders had the total freedom and flexibility of long and short positions and the power of leverage behind every trade. Hyrotrade trading tools were designed by professional traders for professional traders. There are as many features we can point out as indicators, special trading tools, etc.

Hyrotrade offers more than 80 crypto-pairs you can speculate on, no matter what the market does, there is always an option to take your profit using this platform. And not only that, but as this project expands, many people from the crypto community invest their time and money to improve the trading skills of others by just simply sharing their strategies through social trading.

The meta In Crypto Copy Trading

The first significant change to the Hyrotrade platform was the introduction of the Social trading module for crypto. It allows you to copy any successful investor at any level of proficiency you are and became almost instantly one of them.

The social trading module is a peer-to-peer community of strategy managers and followers. At the center of the experience is a fully transparent global leaderboard system that ranks the performance of all strategy managers. Followers can use intel to pick which strategies to follow. Once followed, all trades will be automatically copied, win or lose. Followers can follow several strategies to build a risk-averse and highly profitable trading portfolio.

Compete For Free Crypto With Contests

In the beginning when the platform was forming there was an idea from development to make a small intern challenge and open for each and every employee a demo account on the platform with 10.000 USDT. The goal of the challenge was to use this money for margin trading on CFD crypto until the next week. The best and most profitable employees will reap rewards like an extra vacation or bonus to their salary. People were thrilled, using many secrets or well-known strategies they tried to be on the top. And there was the moment when this idea came up to bring this whole thing to regular/professional traders and see the results.

Everything that crypto margin trader needs

Hyrotrade is a very versatile platform offering a lot of features, allowing traders to experience crypto trading without actually holding any of it. Many competitions, free demo accounts where you can simply test your strategies, and many more.